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The magic of an engagement ring

A symbol of universal love, the engagement ring is a woman’s most desired jewel of all times. The engagement ring makes the future wedding of the happy couple official. Did you know that every woman looks at her engagement ring more than a million times in the course of her lifetime?

If you are about to pop that very special question to the future bride of your dreams, the following article will help advise you on the perfect engagement ring. Let’s start with some historical tidbits.

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Any woman's most desired jewel


The engagement ring is a tradition that stems back to ancient Egypt, but it was Archduke Maximilian I of Augsburg, in 1477, who gave this gift the important and precious meaning it has today. The Archduke gave his future wife, Mary of Burgundy, an engagement ring that was covered in tiny diamonds that shaped the letter ‘M’.

What style ring is the best for you? Mr. Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of the renowned Maison, was among the first jewelers to propose the solitaire: a round diamond on a platinum ring held in place by six prongs. This fashion soon became tradition, and thus, from the beginning of the 19th century, this engagement ring was the most chosen and bestowed in the world.

Engagement ring types

After the solitaire, we find the trilogy (made of three diamonds), and the toi et moi, characterized by two stones of the same or smaller size. These represent the uniqueness and the union, him and her. When the engagement ring is a family heirloom that has been passed down for centuries, it is not only a beautiful gesture of love, but it also means that the bride is now a welcome member of the groom’s family of origin. It is very fashionable to combine ancient and new jewels to create a unique, personalized ring.

Q: Can one choose an unconventional engagement ring?

A: Sincerely, we suggest you don’t. We believe that every woman, even the least romantic, is happy to receive a traditional engagement ring.

Precious stones and cuts

Q: What is the perfect stone to choose?

A: The diamond is a great classic, because it is the hardest rock in the world, and, therefore, a symbol of a strong, indissoluble bond, and everlasting love. Along with the classical diamond, numerous other precious stones can be chosen, and they each have a precise meaning: the emerald means hope; the ruby, passionate love; the aquamarine is the wish for a long happy marriage; and, finally, the sapphire is a symbol of fidelity. It is one of the most appreciated precious stones, and one of the most popular engagement rings for the past thirty years. It is very much in vogue again today thanks to Lady Diana, and is the ring worn by Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

Q: Which are the rarest stones?

A: Natural fancy colored diamonds are a rarity. Only one stone in every 10 thousand diamonds extracted is a natural fancy, and only one in every 11 diamonds is over 0.05 carats. The natural fancy diamond can be of different colors, for example, yellow, which is so loved by Tiffany & Co., or brown, pink, red, blue, orange, green, and black. The darker the color of the diamond, and the more it is worth it. And it is by the depth of each color that it is classified. The black diamond is the rarest natural fancy of them all.

Q: Which cut should we choose?

A: The cut of the stone can differ. The most classic shape is round, which is found in the solitaire.There are, however, fascinating alternatives: pear, oval, marquise, emerald, heart-shaped and princess.


How to choose the engagement ring

Q: How do you choose a diamond?

A: There are four different ways to evaluate a diamond: the famous 4Cs

  • Carat, which is the weight measured in carats;
  • Cut, the shape in which the stone is cut;
  • Color, classified from the clearest and very precious D, all the way down to E, F, and G;
  • Clarity, an internal characteristic that indicates purity. The most precious is IF, without inclusions.

Budget matters

Q: How much should you spend?

A: Obviously there are no set rules, and it all depends on just how much one wants to spend. The engagement ring can cost millions of euros, but also just a few thousand. If you have a limited budget, we suggest it be spent on quality: it’s better to have a smaller, finer quality stone. An engagement ring, to be seen as such, should have a stone that is at least 0.30 carats.

Q: Let’s not overlook tradition

A: Tradition has it that the engagement ring must go on the ring finger of the left hand. This stems from the fact that in the past people thought that this finger had a vein that was linked directly to the heart, the so-called vena amoris. Etiquette would have it that the bride gives the groom a gift too. The most common engagement gifts for the groom are a watch or a set of cuff-links.

Famous engagement rings in history

Q: Which engagement rings have made history?

A: Here are some of the most grandiose and famous engagement rings of all times: the diamond ring that Ranieri of Monaco gave to Grace Kelly is a timeless jewel. But numerous other engagement rings with different precious stones are just as famous: the sapphire that belonged to Lady Diana, for example; or the emerald that was Jacqueline Kennedy’s. The most expensive engagement ring was probably the one that Elizabeth Taylor received from Richard Burton: it was an exquisite 33 carats.

We sincerely hope that our brief guide was useful, and now, well, it’s up to you…We know that the choice of the perfect ring for the person you love is a great challenge. It is a very personal gift, and one that should not be taken lightly. We wish the future bride and groom all the best!

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