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Do you want to surprise the person you love with a romantic and special experience, or astonish them with an original and unforgettable marriage proposal? The Your Wedding in Florence team is ready to organize a tailor-made marriage proposal, anniversary, or romantic evening for you in an enchanting and exclusive location!

We will create meticulously crafted romantic projects for you, enriched with wonderful floral compositions and intimate atmospheres with sparkling candles, ensuring a ‘wow’ effect that will not go unnoticed.

We love the idea of ​​helping couples from every corner of the world to realize their most romantic dreams in Florence and Tuscany. Romantic experiences are our pride and joy: we believe that a dinner overlooking the Florentine skyline or a beautiful chic picnic among the vineyards of Chianti are among the most beautiful ideas to frame the most memorable moments of your life.

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Arno Cruise

If you’re seeking a romantic and unusual setting for your marriage proposal, a private and exclusive boat tour aboard the authentic and traditional Florentine “Barchetto” – Florence’s gondola – is the perfect choice for you! No engine noise, just the charm of rowing to better appreciate all the enchantment of Florence from the water!
At sunset, the Florentine rower will accompany you on a romantic tour along the Arno River: sipping champagne and enjoying the view of Florence from a poetic perspective, they will take you under the Ponte Vecchio where you can kneel down and make the proposal!

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Vineyard Dinner

Immersed in the picturesque Tuscan hills, your lunch or dinner in the evocative setting of a Tuscan vineyard will become an unforgettable experience. You’ll be enveloped in a magical atmosphere as you savor a selection of the finest local wines, accompanied by delicious dishes from Tuscan cuisine, rich in authentic flavors and fresh ingredients. The surrounding nature will add a touch of enchantment, with breathtaking views and pure air that will make you feel in harmony with the world.

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Wine Cellar Dinner

Experience a charming romantic evening immersed in the magical atmosphere of a picturesque Tuscan cellar. Admire the elegance of old oak barrels and let yourself be enveloped by candlelight as you embark on a journey through the culinary delights and oenological excellences of Tuscany.
Each course will be paired with the finest wines of the region, carefully selected to enhance the flavors. You will live a gastronomic experience with expertly crafted local dishes prepared with skill and passion, to be shared with your loved one in a unique and evocative environment.

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Barn Proposal

Escape the daily routine with your partner and immerse yourselves in the romantic hills of Florence for an extraordinary experience. We will organize an unforgettable dinner with a surprise marriage proposal in an authentic Tuscan barn, giving you a magical moment to cherish forever.
With the spectacle of the sunset and the starry sky, we will create an unforgettable experience: the soft candlelight and the scent of fresh flowers will be the perfect backdrop for you to declare your love surrounded by the beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

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Embark on an unforgettable experience amidst the picturesque hills and vineyards of Tuscany with our exclusive chic picnic. Sit under the warm sun and indulge in a wide selection of gourmet delicacies, champagne, and excellent Tuscan wines. Surrounded by the tranquility of nature and encompassed by vineyards and hills, you’ll have the opportunity to declare your love in a truly extraordinary setting, where every element contributes to creating a romantic and magical atmosphere for your marriage proposal.

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Dinner with a View in Florence

In the heart of Florence, amidst the eternal beauty of the iconic skyline of the city, we offer you a moment of pure magic. Imagine an exclusive terrace adorned with candles and fragrant flowers, overlooking the enchanting Florentine panorama. As the sun sets and the city lights up with a symphony of colors, we will create a personalized romantic atmosphere just for you. With Ponte Vecchio, Santa Maria del Fiore, and Palazzo Vecchio as witnesses, they will never be able to say no!

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Dinner with a View in Tuscany

Discover the enchantment of Tuscany with our romantic dinner with a view. Delight in local delicacies and fine wines as you enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the Tuscan hills. Whether it’s at sunset or under a blanket of stars, every moment will be magical. And when the timing is perfect, propose in a dreamlike atmosphere. Trust us for an unforgettable experience, where every detail is crafted with love. The timeless beauty of Tuscany will be the perfect backdrop for your love story. Contact us and turn your dream into reality.

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Villa Dinner

Savor an exclusive dinner in one of the most beautiful villas in Florence and Tuscany! Enveloped in the atmosphere of an elegant historic residence, the evening will be an unforgettable sensory journey. From the moment you step through the ancient doors, you’ll be greeted by the inviting aroma of gourmet dishes: you’ll taste every delicious bite carefully prepared by our expert chefs, while being captivated by the charm of refined furnishings and the beautiful surrounding gardens. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or planning a surprise marriage proposal, our villa dinner is the perfect choice for a high-level culinary experience in an exclusive and evocative setting. Contact us to enjoy a memorable evening filled with taste and elegance.

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Secret Grotto

Discover the enchanting allure of a marriage proposal in a secret grotto in the heart of Tuscany. Imagine the romance of a hidden location nestled among the Tuscan hills; this secret cave is the perfect place for a moment of pure magic. The trail that will guide you through verdant woods will lead you to the entrance concealed by ivy, where you’ll find a setup of flowers and candles tailored for you for a truly “wow” effect. It will be the ideal moment to declare your love and make the marriage proposal. Contact us to organize this unique experience in an enchanted cave in Tuscany.

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Tower Dinner

Explore the fairytale world of Florence and Tuscany with our marriage proposal in a nineteenth-century tower, surrounded by a charming pond and the marvelous features of a millenary history. Feel the magical atmosphere enveloping this place, where every stone tells ancient secrets and every corner exudes romance. With the view of the Tuscan countryside and the reflection of the sky in the pond, every moment becomes a dream painting. Let the lit candles create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, making your marriage proposal an unforgettable moment. Continue the evening with an exclusive romantic dinner carefully prepared by our chefs while admiring the view of the ancient tower. Contact us and transform your marriage proposal into a modern fairy tale.

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Treasure Hunt

Discover the adventure and romance of Tuscany with our personalized treasure hunt, organized among the panoramic hills of Florence and the surrounding countryside. Guided by the clues we have carefully crafted, explore picturesque and historic locations as you embark on this thrilling experience. Let curiosity grow after each clue solved, each challenge overcome, until the final surprise: a special marriage proposal. This treasure hunt will become a journey of love culminating in a moment of pure joy and surprise.

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SPA Proposal

Explore the most luxurious and romantic side of Tuscany with our exclusive marriage proposal experience in a private spa within a prestigious luxury hotel overlooking Florence or in a SPA Resort with panoramic thermal pools. Enjoy the intimacy and relaxation of the most exclusive wellness centers in Tuscany, while our proposal planner team takes care of every detail to make this moment unique. After an unforgettable day of wellness treatments, treat yourself to an exclusive gourmet dinner, where soft lighting and romantic atmosphere will create the perfect setting for your marriage proposal.

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Romantic Dinner on Ponte Vecchio

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!
Experience a unique experience in pure Florentine style with a romantic dinner and surprise marriage proposal in a Historic Jewelry Store on Ponte Vecchio, where elegance meets luxury. We create an unforgettable experience: enjoy an exclusive dinner at sunset, while the breathtaking view of the Renaissance palaces and the Arno River surrounds you. The artisanal ring purchased in Florence will become an eternal symbol of your love, a family treasure to be passed down through generations. Contact us and get ready to experience a magical moment that will be etched in your heart forever.”

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Michelin-Starred Dinner

Experience a moment of culinary excellence with your marriage proposal and romantic dinner at one of the most renowned Michelin-starred restaurants in Florence, such as Enoteca Pinchiorri, Borgo San Jacopo, and Gucci Osteria. Imagine being enveloped in the luxurious and refined atmosphere of these prestigious venues, while our proposal planner team takes care of every detail to create the perfect moment. Delight your senses with a star-studded dinner, where dishes crafted by the finest chefs perfectly complement renowned Tuscan wines. With a view of the city of Florence and a glass of fine wine in hand, this will be the ideal backdrop to pronounce your declaration of love.

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Dinner in a Chapel

Immerse yourself in the timeless romance of an unforgettable evening within the walls of a Renaissance Chapel in Florence. Imagine being enveloped by the sacred atmosphere and artistic beauty of this historic venue as you enjoy a gourmet dinner prepared masterfully by our expert chefs. In this unique and evocative setting, every dish becomes a culinary masterpiece, accompanied by selections of fine Tuscan wines and impeccable service. Let yourself be transported back in time as you immerse yourself in the history and art of Florence. Contact us and experience a magical and refined moment that only Florence can offer.

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Hot Air Balloon Proposal

Embark on a private hot air balloon journey, a unique, romantic, and unforgettable gift! Experience the thrill of soaring high above the Tuscan hills, the city of Florence, the famous vineyards of Chianti, the historic buildings of Siena, the ancient towers of San Gimignano, the quaint villages, and the refined castles: the most exciting and original experience of your life! The excitement of this flight will be heightened by the beauty of the panorama unfolding beneath you, making your marriage proposal truly unforgettable.
Our personalized service also includes a high-altitude professional photographer who will capture every moment of this magical experience.
After the flight, a special champagne toast and a romantic brunch will complete your day.

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Beach Dinner

Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Tuscany’s most picturesque beaches with our romantic beach dinner, followed by an unforgettable marriage proposal. From the renowned beaches of Forte dei Marmi to the enchanted charm of Porto Ercole, enjoy a romantic dinner with your feet in the sand, while the sound of the waves accompanies your evening. Admire the sunset over the sea and let yourself be pampered by the gentle warmth of the sun and the sea breeze, while our proposal planner team takes care of every detail to make this experience truly unique. After a carefully prepared dinner, make your marriage proposal under the stars, creating an indelible memory that will last forever.

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