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Scent of a Bride: let’s meet Master Profumiere Sileno Cheloni

In the heart of Florence, just a few steps from the Basilica of Santa Croce, a small hidden door opens up onto an enchanted world! It is a place where you can breathe antiquity but also innovation, with antique furniture, soft lighting and colored bottles containing refined essences: we have entered the enchanted workroom of the Tuscan Master Perfumer, Sileno Cheloni.

In his Florentine atelier, Master Cheloni creates personalized perfumes: an emotional journey, a ceremony of self-discovery throughout perfumed essences and essential oils.

This is not a shop but a real living room where Master Sileno Cheloni meets his guests and creates exclusive scents.

“Your Wedding in Florence” met Mastro Sileno and asked him to share the secrets behind the perfect fragrance.

How is Sileno Cheloni “Master Perfumer” born?

It all started from a trip to the island of Cyprus, a place full of smells and perfect for starting an ecstatic and spiritual journey. On this island I rediscovered the passion of when I was a kid; of when I looked with admiration at the bottles of perfume in the shops, scents that I could not afford to buy but that I was constantly sniffing. Also in Cyprus I met an important perfumer who gave me the know-how of this fine art.

So, how did you come to create your first perfume and what feelings did you feel?

Upon returning from the trip from Cyprus, I brought back with me some of the essences I had bought to try to create the first olfactory compositions. The first perfume I composed made me immediately fall in love with the lightness of the act of creating a perfume. The work of a perfumer resembles that of a musician: it’s like to create something that is immaterial and that is “light, almost invisible”.

What is a “perfume” for you? What should it represent and convey? In short, how should it be the ideal perfume?

The ideal perfume is a perfume that takes you to the state of mind that you want to reach. If you need joy that you should choose a perfume that inspires joy. If you are looking for concentration, relaxation, seduction, new energy or something else it is right to orient yourself towards specific essences.

How do you create your perfumes? Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from simple things. Sometimes even from a simple walk, from a flower or from a scented trail of someone passing by. Also my traveling in search of raw materials are a source of great inspiration for me.

What makes your perfumes so unique and special? What is your secret?

The secret of every work of composition is “the truth”. A perfume that has a fund of truth takes you to places and in very special moods.

What does a woman look for in a perfume?

A perfume is for everyone. It’s what you look for in a perfume that connects you to your identity and your will.

First of all, to please others, you must please yourself. And so the perfect perfume for a woman is a fragrance that pleases. Within our olfactory we try to connect the person with their true preferences and sensations. Those who come to our atelier do not come to buy a perfume but to “search” for the perfume they love.

Which is the most suitable perfume for a bride?

If we want to be trivial, we would say it is orange blossom. The choice is actually very personal.

If we want to remember that day, the feeling of the moment and the event then the perfume must be very original. We cannot tie a common or mono-essence fragrance like lavender and very well-known fragrances to the memory. It is necessary to find and blend unusual compositions because it is the wedding day and it is already unusual itself. Being such a special day, we must dedicate a special perfume to it, which is not used every day but which is uniquely associated with the event and the wedding location.

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