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The best wedding magazines for your special day

Have you just received the fateful marriage proposal? Have you already opened your PC and started your research on millions of usable and free sites, looking for inspiration and updates on the latest trends? The Internet you know can be every bride’s best friend!

However, the advice we give you as professionals is not to underestimate the printed word, because the smell of paper and leafing through pages full of life and stories can give you many more concrete ideas.

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The best wedding magazines in Italy

Vogue Sposa is one of the most important and well-known magazines in the sector. It has a quarterly publication; is the equivalent of Vogue fashion, but completely dedicated to the world of marriage, trends and new inspirations. It is not just a magazine, but a solid point of reference during the months preceding your wedding!

Other interesting ideas can be found by browsing Elle Sposa: a magazine with a four-monthly publication aimed at fashion brides who want to discover the latest fashion trends intercepted by fashion shows. Inside you will find beautiful ideas on wedding dresses, letting yourself be inspired by the most prestigious brands and novelties, but also by accessories and everything that revolves around the perfect day, according to the style of Elle of course!

White Sposa and Sposi Magazine

Another magazine to watch is White Sposa with its international vision and four-monthly publication. It is an exclusive magazine that for years has dedicated itself to all brides with elegance and passion. Based on a selection of brands and high-quality products, it expresses an impeccable and always cutting edge taste. Pay attention to the photography of clothes that becomes the protagonist in this magazine. Let yourself be inspired by its pages!

Sposi Magazine is an editorial publication with annual publication specialized in the world of marriage. From the latest collections of wedding dresses, to weddings of celebrities, to the important and detailed section dedicated to the best suppliers in the industry.

They are the main influencers for tastes and trends. Browse their page

IO Donna Wedding Book and The Real Wedding

More recent but no less important are two totally Italian publishing projects: IO Donna Wedding Book and The Real Wedding. IO Donna Wedding Book is the quarterly magazine signed by the editors of IO Donna that provides useful advice from choosing the wedding dress to the ideal location for any type of wedding, whether religious or civil, summer or winter. It also offers important tips on the bouquet, the cake, the mis-en-place, make-up and hairstyle, bridal accessories and even the honeymoon!

The Real Wedding, on the other hand, is the quarterly magazine available in paper and digital format, created with the aim of introducing future couples to the most current proposals and trends, including weddings celebrated throughout the world. A collection of “real” weddings where the emotional part is predominant: it offers real emotions, ideas and creative suggestions to organize a unique wedding!

We hope our advice can help you organize a perfect wedding!

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