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Engagement Season: What You Need to Know and How to Prepare

We are now entering the Proposal Season; the Christmas mood invades the houses, families gather together and that day is right around the corner:  Valentine’s Day. 14th of February has always been the most chosen moment to propose and celebrate Love.

This is probably the first moment you approach the world of wedding, and if you wish to feel the thrill, do not hesitate to contact us!

Italy has always been the most desired destination to get engaged and Tuscany represents the ultimate goal: Hills, Mountains, Sea, here you can choose your favorite spot in unique settings.

We can guide you through immense expanses of wineries and olive groves, create your unforgettable set up, such as a romantic open- air picnic or a dinner with a stunning panoramic view during summer months or inside a wine cellar or in a barn during Winter.

Here are some tips to make your proposal unforgettable:

Define a thought budget

It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, you will not have a second chance to ask your partner to spend her life with you.

Take in mind that we are not talking about a basic, romantic dinner, we are organizing for you an experience, we want you to feel the smile and emotion of your lifelong companion.

We will create the Wow effect which most suits you and your Love.



The importance of having a photographer

“We do not need a photographer.” It is the most common statement we hear while start preparing the surprise proposal. What do we answer? “The photographer is essential!”

Your partner will want to share the photos of the big moment with friends and family.

And what about a video? It allows you to relive the magic of your proposal forever.

Remember that no photos mean no memories of your masterpiece!


Clothes don’t make the man but…

Think about the outfit you are going to wear during this special day, ‘cause it will make the difference!

Try to not to get caught while preparing the surprise, but remember that a great outfit is important, you are going immortalize that moment forever in your mind.


The perfect place to sleep

Get in contact with us before booking your hotel.

Some of our Tuscan venues also offer peculiar accommodations. Sleeping at the place you choose for your proposal is beyond romantic!

Also, it could be more practical: If you choose this solution, you will be able to spend more time at the venue and not worry about leaving the magical place you have chosen for your Big Day.


Timing is everything

While being caught by romanticism and the impetus of the proposal, we generally get contacted few days before the big step.

Yes! timing is very important: we can always make your experience unforgettable, but do not contact us too late! While you will be travelling to Italy together with your partner, It will be more complicated to talk to us without getting caught.

Contact us at least one month before the Big Day, so we will be able to create the event as you imagined it!


Get in touch!

We will take of everything on your behalf, but do not forget to take the ring with you!

Contact us

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