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How to Make Your Special Marriage Proposal in Florence

If you’re considering proposing in Tuscany, follow our advice.

Florence, the jewel of the Renaissance, is the canvas on which you can paint the beginning of your life together. With its breathtaking architecture and golden sunsets over the Tuscan hills, every corner of this city is an ode to love. When creating the perfect moment for your marriage proposal, every detail counts. Here are some essential tips for organizing an extraordinary experience.

A Suitable Budget for a "Wow" Effect

The perfect proposal requires careful planning and, yes, adequate investment. Consider allocating a portion of your budget to add those special elements that can make a difference: from choosing an exclusive location, to a romantic ride on the Barchetto on the Arno, to an intimate dinner under the moonlight on a private terrace. A well-calibrated budget allows you to take care of every detail for a breathtaking final effect.




The Importance of a Professional Photographer

“We don’t need a photographer!” is the phrase we always hear when we start planning the proposal together. What do we respond? “That the photographer is indispensable!” Your partner will undoubtedly want to share the photos of the great moment spent together with their family and closest friends. The proposal is a unique moment, full of genuine and unrepeatable emotions. A professional photographer knows how to capture the intensity of these emotions, giving you memories that you can relive forever. And when years later, flipping through the album, your heart beats as strongly as it did at that moment, you’ll know you made the right choice.

If a photograph is a memory, a video is an emotion that relives. Having a professional videographer is essential to capture the essence of the moment when two hearts promise a future together. The video of your proposal will allow you to listen to the words again, to see the gestures, to relive the excitement, making the memory of that day eternal.



Clothes Don't Make the Man, But...

Clothing is a detail not to be overlooked. The outfit chosen for the big day must reflect the importance of the occasion and harmonize with the style and atmosphere chosen for the proposal. Whether it’s an elegant dress or something more casual but well-groomed, make sure your look is up to the event.


Timing Is Everything

Planning in advance is the secret to a stress-free proposal. Take the time to plan every detail and leave nothing to chance. Book the location, photographer, videographer, and all the services you’ll need in advance. Timely organization will guarantee you peace of mind and the ability to fully enjoy the moment.

The Comfort of Post-Proposal Accommodation

The marriage proposal doesn’t end with the “yes,” but continues in the enchanted atmosphere of one of the venues we’ve selected for you, many of which also offer elegant accommodations. What could be more romantic than prolonging the dream by spending the night where you’ve decided to unite your lives? The comfort of a room just steps away from your private dinner will allow you to extend the magic until dawn, without worries.

Florence and Tuscany are waiting to become the backdrop for your promise of love. Contact us even before booking your hotel and let us guide you towards the realization of a fairytale proposal. With our experience and your vision, together we can create a moment that will be the perfect prelude to a happy life together.



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