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Royal Dream Weddings: From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton

Who hasn’t dreamed of being in a fairy-tale at least once? The carriage, and a romantic prince on a white horse? Starting with Cinderella, dreams actually can come true. Let’s think back to some of the most beautiful royal weddings of all times

In 1936 Edward VIII, King of the United Kingdom abdicated in order to marry the love of his life, the American Wallis Simpson. They wed on June 3, 1937, one of the most famous weddings of the 20th century. It was a private affair held in the Castle of Candé, in France. The bride wore an azure gown that was designed by the stylist Main Rousseau Bocher. Still today that color is known as «Wallis blue».

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Grace Kelly & Prince Ranieri of Monaco

Another wedding that would make history took place in 1956. It was the fairy-tale wedding of the marvelous actress Grace Kelly and Prince Ranieri of Monaco. Her sensational gown was all white and designed by Helen Rose-Mgm. Again, like in a real fairy-tale, an American actress became part of a royal family.

They got married twice: on April 18, they were wed in a civil union, and the next day, they were joined in marriage in a religious ceremony in Saint Nicholas Cathedral. It was, according to all the papers, “the wedding of the century”. It was televised live and millions of people watched it. Following this spectacular event, Grace Kelly, who was considered the most beautiful and desired actress in the world, became an undisputed icon for every bride.

In Arabia as in Norway

On June 10, 1993 another fairy-tale wedding took place: it was the fabulous wedding of Rānia Al-Yassin and Prince Abd Allāh bin al Husayn of Jordan. When the Prince was crowned King, Rānia became his Queen and began to work to achieve social justice, trying to better the conditions of the women of Jordan, and, in general, all Islamic countries. Queen Rania of Jordan is considered one of the most beautiful women and queens on the planet. She was wed in a white, western-style, gown created for her by the stylist Bruce Oldfield. It was very unlike the traditional gowns of other Arab queens.

The most revolutionary wedding of all times took place in Northern Europe on August 25, 2001, when Prince Haakon of Norway married the delightful commoner Mette-Marit, a divorcee with a child and an uncertain past. It was a genuine bond of love, and the wedding was anything but solemn. This very sensational wedding was celebrated in the beautiful Lutheran Cathedral in Oslo, and the church was adorned with ten thousand roses. Mette- Marit wore a gown designed by the stylist Ove Harder Finseth. It was inspired by the wedding dress that Queen Maud, the first Norwegian sovereign, wore on her special day.

A fairy-tail from Denmark

On May 14, 2004, the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark led Mary Donaldson, a young and beautiful Australian of Scottish origin, to the altar. Legend has it that they met and fell in love in an Australian pub.

The wedding was big, beautiful, and touching, and Frederick was moved to tears. Mary wore a wedding gown that was created just for her by Uffe Frank, a Danish stylist who worked for Valentino. The wedding ceremony, according to Scandinavian tradition, was held in the late afternoon and followed directly by dinner and dancing. The predominant color was red. The Crown Princess of Denmark was the epitome of the modern-day fairy-tale. She was the most glamorous royal of our times, and the first Australian Queen in history.

Letizia Ortiz & Prince Felipe of Spain

In 2004, on May 22, to be exact, Spain presented to the world a new royal couple: Letizia Ortiz was married to the then Crown Prince, King Felipe of Spain. They exchanged their vows in Almudena Cathedral in Madrid while outside it poured heavily. But as we well know, a rainy wedding is a lucky wedding.

For her wedding, Letizia donned a gown designed by the Catalan designer Manuel Pertegaz. Letizia Ortiz is the first Spanish queen who is not of noble origin, who had already been married, and who worked as a journalist on television. «I either marry her, or I won’t get married,” are said to be the words pronounced by the then Crown Prince to his very traditional Spanish court.

Kate & William: the royal wedding par excellence

On April 29, 2011 England celebrated the wedding of the new royal couple: Kate Middleton and Prince William Duke of Cambridge. The wedding was held in Westminster Abbey, and the ceremony was televised worldwide. Sarah Burton, creative director of the Alexander Mc Queen fashion house, designed the gown. It was very similar to the gown worn by Grace Kelly. This particular wedding dress would be the most copied gown for over seven years by brides from all over the globe. The Duchess of Cambridge is, in fact, an international fashion icon.

And finally we come to the memorable event that took place on May 19, 2018, when Meghan Markle, an American actress, exchanged wedding vows with Harry of Wales in St. George Chapel in the Castle of Windsor. For the ceremony, Meghan wore Givenchy, a gown designed by the Londoner Clare Waight Keller. For the wedding party, she donned an outfit by the English designer Stella McCartney. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

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