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Bespoke experiences coming to life: what is Luxury Concierge

In a fast-paced world where everything has a price and a value, one of the few things that can’t be bought is time, that one spent with people, in places and doing the activities we love the most!

A luxury Concierge service must ensure that the client can enjoy their event, honeymoon or tour without having to manage and take care of their own travel, shopping, childcare, pets, entertainment, etc. The list is endless!

Also during a wedding, honeymoon or tour, the Concierge agency will take care of all the smallest details while offering that luxury that only few can guarantee: more time for yourself!

What does “Luxury Concierge” mean?

The expression “luxury concierge” means a tailor-made assistance and support service, where the customer’s needs are carefully listened.

The word “concierge” derives from the French phrase “comte des cierges” to indicate the person who in the Middle Ages lit candles and who was responsible for keeping the keys of the place where the event was hosted. Nowadays, a concierge service represents an agency that provides full-time luxury services for a specific area, country or even worldwide.

Luxury Concierge services may vary from personal, leisure and travel services and event planning. Most of all it must include a full time staff, ready to listen, to advise and to act.

Bespoke wedding experiences

Wedding planners often perform tasks similar to those of a personal assistant.

For the bride who chooses to get married in another country, assistance in the planning process is usually not limited to organizing the wedding day alone. A destination wedding often takes place over several days and for an event to be flawless, a number of other services are required: finding accommodation for guests, booking extra activities, organizing transport, babysitting, special entertainment and even a chef or cleaning services in case of exclusive apartments rentals. In short, any attention and care to give the bride and groom their dream day and to make the guest experience unforgettable.

Bespoke Romantic Experiences

Wheather is about celebrating  a honeymoon, anniversary or a wedding proposal, a Luxury Concierge agency will provide all services needed to create the most unique and special experience.

From a private boat trip on the Arno river aboard the “barchetto”, the typical Florentine gondola, a candlelit dinner overlooking the Ponte Vecchio as guests in one of the most exclusive jewelers in Florence, or even in a typical Tuscan vineyard or a private flight in a hot air balloon, a specialized team of professionals will take care of every single detail!

Bespoke travel experiences

A professional travel concierge can plan custom and exclusive trips.

Travel style and interests will be carefully listenend to, booking accommodation, transportation, private guides and local tours.

Personalized service by someone who really knows the territory and is there every step of the way, from the time you start the planning process until your return home.

Bespoke Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is no ordinary vacation.

Just like a wedding, planning your honeymoon can be a rewarding yet challenging experience. With endless options a Luxury Concierge professional will custom honeymoon experiences tailored to meet the client’s desires and turn dreams into reality!

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