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Welcome Party

Start the celebrations of your wedding with a unique and unforgettable Welcome Party in the heart of Tuscany. Our agency, experienced in Wedding Planning, is ready to take care of every detail to turn your dream into reality, offering an unforgettable first taste of your big day. This event not only serves to thank your guests for their journey and presence but is also the perfect opportunity to break the ice and make everyone feel part of one big family.

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Pool Party

Imagine spending an afternoon in the tranquility and charm of a Tuscan villa, where a splendid swimming pool becomes the heart of the event. This enchanting venue is the perfect setting to welcome your guests, offering them the opportunity to relax, socialize, and fully immerse themselves in the joyful and festive atmosphere that precedes the big day of the wedding. With the chirping of birds and the scent of flowers filling the air, every moment spent becomes a precious one, full of emotions and unforgettable memories that will accompany everyone along the journey towards your dream wedding.

Wedding Brunch

Welcome your guests with a brunch that celebrates the culinary delights of Florence and Tuscany. From local specialties to breathtaking views, offer your guests an experience that serves as the perfect prelude to your ceremony: freshly baked pastries, a selection of Tuscan cured meats, local cheeses, Tuscany boasts dishes to satisfy every palate! Sipping mimosas, spritzs and espresso, your guests will have a true taste of the Dolce Vita.

Pizza Party

When you think of Italy, you immediately think of pizza! And what could be better than an Italian Pizza Party for an informal and fun occasion? Imagine wood-fired ovens emitting irresistible aromas in dream locations, such as ancient villas nestled in olive groves or cozy Florentine pizzerias with their rustic charm. These settings are ideal for conveying to your guests the authentic Italian gastronomic experience, where they can savor freshly baked delicacies and share moments of conviviality in a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. From the classic margherita pizza to the creativity of gourmet pizzas, an Italian Pizza Party will be a culinary experience that will win the hearts of all present, giving them a sensory journey through the flavors and traditions of our beloved Italy.


The day after the wedding, what better way to prolong the joy of the celebrations than with a barbecue among family and friends immersed in the picturesque Tuscan countryside? Delight in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, where the aromas of Chianina beef and grilled vegetables mingle with the warmth of shared laughter. Join the guests as they exchange stories and memories of the exciting event just passed, creating moments of connection and joy that make this special day unforgettable.

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Whether it’s lounging by the pool, indulging in brunch delights, or savoring the simplicity of pizza, welcome parties in Tuscany set the stage for an unforgettable wedding day. Get in contact with us to plan it together!

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