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Before we can create and design your wedding, choosing the type of ceremony that suits you best is fundamental along with getting a sense of which rituals, blessings, prayers, readings, cultural or religious aspects are personally meaningful for you both.

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, most people think that there are only two types to choose from, rather religious or civil. As a matter of fact there are also several symbolic ceremonies that may suit you and your needs. You can be as creative as you like: the range of options is vast!

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When it comes to find the perfect wedding ceremony is all about blending. The first step is to assess the type of ceremony that is right for you both as a couple. The second is to seek ways to blend in all the different styles and traditions with creativity, romance and personal touches. These personal touches can be inspired by your religions or cultures, your family and friends, your personal stories about how you two met or a touching, romantic and intense poem that captures your feelings. Or, why not, all of the above!

So, when it comes to deciding how to personalize your dream wedding try to consider if religion actually fits in or it doesn’t or if you would rather prefer to include some form of blessing upon your union without the dogma. The most important thing of all is that you choose what you wish the most. From our part, we will accompany you throughout each step to make sure that at the end you will get your ceremony your way!

Symbolic Ceremony

If you are already married and wish to renew your wedding vows, or else if you simply want to celebrate your love without a legal bound, you can opt for a symbolic ceremony which has all the enchantment of a legal wedding, but without the stress of filling in papers and documents. A symbolic ceremony allows you to be creative and gives you all the freedom to explore your tastes and desires.

Moreover, if you are planning a destination wedding in Italy even with short notice or if you have already been married civilly in your country, if you eloped, a symbolic ceremony is just right for you! There are no strict guidelines to follow, let your fantasy run wild and choose who will carry out the ceremony, where it will take place, what music to have and what to read.

Civil Ceremony

There are numerous possible venues in which to celebrate a civil registrar ceremony in Italy. A classical venue is, of course, City Hall, often housed in historic buildings in the city center, structures that are marvelously decorated in frescoes and reliefs… but there are so many other options available like, for example, country estates, small hamlets, imposing mansions, Medieval castles, or magnificent beaches: Italy offers an infinity of options for every taste and it will fulfill your dreams!

Civil weddings are officiated by the mayor or state official or, upon appointment, by someone dear to you, thus making the wedding even more intimate and personal! They can be held in a structure that is approved by the city hall: this is done to make sure that the wedding is legally recognized. Weddings are officiated in Italian with, if necessary, the presence of an interpreter, and they usually last 20 minutes. During the ceremony, the Italian Civil Code is read, and you will be free to personalize this special moment with the addition of music, readings and anything else you desire.

If you come from abroad, a good excuse to reach Italy a little bit ahead of time, and enjoy the beauty our country offers, and personally sign some documents and finalize the wedding.

Protestant Ceremony

In Italy Protestant faith is exercised in several different churches: Adventist, Anglican, Baptist, Evangelic, Lutheran, and many more. A Protestant ceremony can be performed in churches in some of Italy’s major cities (Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples and so on), but also in splendid villas, castles, gardens, and fabulous resorts. We will take care of all legal documentation and we will be a precious intermediary between you and the minister celebrating the wedding.

Catholic Ceremony

Some of the most beautiful and ancient churches in the world are right here, in Italy. The choice is endless: small and quaint parish churches lost in the countryside, enchanting Medieval churches, marvelous Renaissance or Baroque churches, masterpieces in their own right, enhanced with statues, frescoes and reliefs.

The religious ceremony can be celebrated in Italian or, with the aid of an interpreter, in other languages. For the religious rite to be legally binding, several documents will have to be presented both in the institution of the country you come from, and at the City Hall of the city where the ceremony will take place. Within two months of the wedding, these documents will have to be delivered to the Curia, which will validate them. But don’t worry: we will help you take care of it!

Jewish Ceremony

Italy has a very rich and ancient Jewish tradition and cultural wealth that extends throughout the peninsula: cities like Venice, Trieste, Florence, Leghorn, Pisa, Siena, Rome and Naples have some of the most beautiful orthodox Synagogues in the country where you’ll be able to have your dream wedding coming true. If you wish to have a “reform” wedding, the perfect choice would be to have it celebrated in a historical villa, garden or castle. Our trusted Rabbi will make you feel at home, or, if you prefer, you can call a rabbi from your own community.

Hebrew music, kosher food, splendid hand-decorated ketuvah, a chuppah and the traditional breaking of the glasses at the end of the ceremony… no detail will be left unattended to. We will guide you every step of the way bureaucratically and will be by your side to help you and advise you on how to fill out the required forms to make your wedding legally binding, notwithstanding your conversion.

Hindu Ceremony

Organize a Hindu ceremony is always very exciting: long celebrations and bright colors, all so different from what we are used to, make it really special! We will prepare your Mehndi to make it an intimate and unforgettable ceremony: hands and feet will be beautifully decorated with hennè to become true works of art. Your celebrations will go on during the Sangeet, when all your guests will dance and sing, celebrating with you the wonderful life you will share together. Adorned with beautiful coppola bracelets, the groom will come on horseback, preceded by a joyful procession.

Flowers and colors will decorate your gazebo (Mandapa) under which the Samagree, the sacred fire, will be lighted up: every single moment of the ceremony will be intense and exciting, from the moment you hear the ancient Sanskrit words of the ritual, to the moment you will exchange garlands of flowers and fruit. The Purohit will tie your garments together and you will get the blessing by making offerings to the sacred fire. The marriage ritual ends with the Seven Steps, the first seven you will walk together to confirm your union.

Civil Union

If you choose Italy to crown your love dream, the rite present in our country for same-sex couples is a civil union. It guarantees rights and duties and is celebrated before a registrar or his delegate, in the presence of two witnesses… in addition to all your guests! It is necessary not to have previous unions. Civil unions can be held in any place recognized as a “municipal site” and if you consider just how many venues this includes among villas, castles, palaces, and even beaches, that means you can have the wedding of your dreams in the place of your dreams!

Vows Renewal

Do you want to live again the magical atmosphere of the engagement and the “Yes, I do” and pronounce the fateful sentence again? All this is possible and we at Your Wedding in Florence will be happy to organize it for you! Either if you have been together for a year or twenty-five, vows renewal is always something incredibly romantic!

A beautiful engaging ceremony will make you feel the embrace, affection, and warmth of the people who have seen your love born and grow! There are no special constraints or limits and everything can be organized according to your wishes.

Whether you decide the religious ceremony or a symbolic form, in Italy there are plenty of beautiful, exclusive and romantic venues where you can celebrate your vows renewal: villas in the countryside, panoramic terraces, farmhouses, historic residences located in the city center, gardens in full bloom, romantic beaches with a blue sea to serve as background… you will be spoiled for choice! We will accompany you step by step in the organization of this moment, from the choice of the location to the drawing up of the promises that you will exchange that day, up to the realization of an unforgettable party for you and for all your guests!

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What are you waiting for? Choose the ceremony of your dreams and discover how to make organizing your day of love possible: together we will create the atmosphere for an unforgettable rite.

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